Admission & Registration

Admission & Registration

Career Dreams Centre is committed to provide opportunities to study to as many students as possible including those with junior college qualifications. The admission requirements for the courses vary; the course curriculum as well as the course outlines provide information on respective admission requirements. Applicants who are in doubt of their qualification are advised to see the Academic Registrar for clarification. General Points:

  • Admission is defined as the process of validating the entry requirements.
  • A non-refundable application fee must be paid upon submission of the application for admission.
  • Registration is defined as assigning the student to a specific program / course. Successful admission is the prerequisite for registration.
  • Upon successful registration, the deposit is due for payment no later than 30 days prior to the program/course start.
  • Students who do not pay the deposit before start of the program/course will not be able to attend classes.

To see the full admissions & registration policy and procedure click here.
To download the application form click here.

How to enroll …

Enrollment is easy: just check the entry requirements for your preferred course. The entry requirements are mentioned for each course along with the course description. If you are not sure about your qualifications call us or come and see us for an interview. If your qualifications match, download the application form, payment and refund policies and the student code of conduct. Read all documents thoroughly, fill in the application form, and submit all signed papers along with certified copies of your certificates at the college. Note that a non-refundable application fee is due when submitting your application. We will assess your application within 48 hours and let you know about if you are ready to register. In some cases we might invite you for an interview before making a decision. Once you are approved to register, just pay the course deposit and you are now officially a student at Career Dreams Centre!